Attività e servizi



Museum education has always been a priority for the Museum System.
"Scuola in museo" is the name of the project that presents the museum as a place to "attend school" in a different and engaging way through cultural heritage. Cultural heritage can in fact be an excellent learning tool because it stimulates children’s ability to observe and discover thanks to a hands-on experiential approach. Cultural heritage also allows us to address important issues: our civic sense, active citizenship, ecology and respect for different cultures.
The SMV has participated in drafting guidelines for the implementation of educational projects characterised by close collaboration between schools, museums and the territory. The museums propose themes of interest related to their collections and plan the contents of the workshops with teachers. Participating classes have planning support and economic concessions.
The work and projects carried out by the students are collected in the SAPiens database.
Over time, the SMV has also supported the creation or renovation of classrooms in the participating museums, to make them more welcoming and functional.