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Free time

Free time

Today, the museum is no longer just a place of memory and conservation, but also a space for socializing, open to the community.
Museology has placed the public at the centre of attention, developing services and activities suitable for a variety of targets (children, adults, the elderly, immigrants, school groups, fragile subjects).
The museum must therefore also be a place where you can spend your free time participating in meetings, workshops, events or doing cultural volunteering.
The SMV's proposals follow this idea.
Such events for children, now well consolidated include "Museo in famiglia", a series of meetings, creative and enjoyable workshops that accompany children and their families through the discovery of the SMV museums, and "Museo tempo libero”, which offers young people and adults theme based courses and meetings consistent with the Mission of the museums. The museum thus becomes a meeting and sharing place, where one can experiment, create, learn and discover. Over the years, proposals have ranged from wood carving to photography, from traditional cooking to wool spinning, from natural cosmetics to painting, from recycling to D-I-Y..
With this system, museum managers enter into dialogue with the public in an informal and pleasant way and, through listening, can gather reactions and proposals, promoting full participation in the life of the museum.
The coordination of the SMV guarantees a range of diversified proposals and effectiveness of online promotion.